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Capability Statement

For the last 30 years, the Oklahoma-based All Element Solutions has been a go-to name in the construction industry for debris removal. Specializing in all manner of debris removal, from demolition to vegetation to speedy work in response to natural disasters and beyond, our experienced professionals are ready to clear the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Our Connection To This Land

In addition to being able to manage any debris clean up and removal operation, All Element Solutions does so as a TERO-Certified Cherokee woman-owned business.

In addition to our special connection to the Native American community, we are also certified as a Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) business. Being mostly people native to this land, All Element Solutions prides itself on giving back to the community we lovingly call home.

No Element Is Any Match

With competency certifications ranging from Natural Resources Management Salvage Services to Maintenance Repair and Alter Property, we can tackle any project in a professional manner.

At All Element Solutions we know the importance in communication and quick execution. All Element Solutions is an organization that delivers top grade performances on time and as contracted.

Core Competencies

NAICS Codes:
  • 238910 Site Preparation Contractors
  • 561730 Landscaping Services
  • 237210 Land Subdivision
Class Code: F
  • Natural Resources Management
Class Code: P
  • Salvage Services
Class Code: Z
  • Maintenance, Repair, Alter Real Property
  • TERO
  • HUBZone
  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Our Services

Earth Material Handling

  • All Element Solutions provides innovative earth material handling solutions that are effective, timely, and safe. More than simply an A-to-B duty, professional earth material services require a significant amount of knowledge of a variety of legal requirements, equipment capabilities, property restrictions, and much more. Utilizing the latest equipment and experience, all earth material handing tasks are handled with care and thoroughness.
  • Earth


  • More than a dig, All Element Solutions excavation services are carefully planned to ensure quality and safety prevail on schedule. A variety of techniques, equipment, and years of digging experience go into every excavation job. Every excavation is different which is why All Element Solutions take special care to take every variable into consideration.
  • Earth


  • Working in tandem with water management service skills, All Element Solutions combines form and function into pond design for a wide variety of properties and needs. From ponds on agricultural farmlands to sophisticated aqueduct-like builds, we can meet most any water containment needs. From assisting in design to breaking ground, All Element Solution can deliver pond design and excavation.
  • Water

Drainage Systems

  • The best way to manage water damage is to keep it from happening in the first place. It's with this attitude that All Element Solutions is thrilled to help design and build sophisticated water drainage systems. In order to provide protection from the elements, including properties free of water damage, All Element Solutions' experienced professionals deliver water drainage systems and solutions to even the most challenging projects.
  • Water

Fire Demolition

  • Fire damage is not only devastating but is also tricky to clean up due to dangerous materials and preventing damage to surrounding structures. Fire Demolition specialists have a vast knowledge of not only demolition clean up, but the issues presented by structural inconsistencies following a blaze as well as how different materials may complicate a demolition project. All Element Solutions is proud to provide professional fire demolition services to help literally pick up the pieces.
  • Fire


  • Just like machines, properties may occasionally need a tune-up with age or maintenance with age. Whether the need is to bring past properties back to their former glory following a disaster or disrepair or to bring older properties up to date, All Element Solutions' Restoration Services is up to the job. Restoration has never been this simple.
  • Fire

Wind Control

  • The name "All Element Solutions" would be complete without being able to deliver expert wind control. In order to greatly reduce the damage due to wind erosion and high winds that wreak havoc on properties, All Element Solutions can provide a variety of wind control solutions depending on the specific need.
  • Wind

Damage Clean Up

  • While it may seem quite simple, damage clean up following disasters both natural and man-made can require delicate expertise. Bringing both the brains and the brawn to the equation, All Element Solutions can take all the necessary precautions to tackle a wide variety of damage clean up scenarios.
  • Wind


  • Debris removal is only half of the job of debris management which is why we are also pleased to offer debris hauling services. Each hauling job requires careful calculation of equipment capabilities, legal restrictions, and the required personnel to make sure the job is done on time and on budget every time. When All Element Solutions specialists take on your debris hauling needs, all manner of debris truly is "out of sight, out of mind."
  • Earth

Water Management

  • One of the most unpredictable elements, as Bruce Lee once said, water can drip but it can also crash. All Element Solutions' experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you make the most of water and avoid being on its bad side. In order to minimize the effects of water damage and guide water on a path of least destruction as well as possible use, All Element Solutions' specialists can develop and execute water management services for most properties or locations.
  • Water

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